Prestige ABP-757 Shiho Fujie Superb Grant Brush 22 Concentrated Support Virgin Assault

Release Date: Jan 01, 1970

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Prestige exclusive actress "Fujie Fumiho" helps graduation of virginity ♪ A beautiful girl boasts a soft smile and a preeminent style gently and boldly escorted her vest! Complete a tense feeling greetings, gently stretch your hands and start communicating! If you touch soft lips and voluminous boobs, virgin kun is face red! After having tasted blowjob and cunnie, it is finally the first insertion of life! Gently hold the vest of vigor who shuddily sit back and stimulate violently at the woman on top posture! Guided to the culmination with various approaches! Three virgin kuns with an average of 26.0 years old will deliver the best first experience with excessive service and 120% affection! !

プレステージ専属女優『藤江 史帆』が童貞卒業のお手伝い♪柔らかな笑顔と抜群のスタイルを誇る美少女が童貞くんを優しく大胆にエスコート!緊張感たっぷりな挨拶を済ませ、そっと手を繋いでコミュニケーション開始!柔らかな唇とボリューム感溢れるおっぱいに触れれば、童貞くんは顔真っ赤!フェラやクンニを味わってもらった後はいよいよ人生初の挿入!懸命に腰を振る童貞くんをそっと抱き寄せたり、騎乗位で激しく刺激したり!様々なアプローチで絶頂まで導く!平均26.0歳の童貞くん3名に過剰なサービスと120%の愛情で、最高の初体験をお届けします!!