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SiRo AV SIRO-770 Amateur individual shoot, post. 11 Rei io 20 years old college student

Release Date: Aug 26, 2017


Today's cast Lesbians Jav is "Rei Rio". Jav Streaming HD Reading way is "Ray Rio". It's Jav a strange name, please do not mind there. Mr. Rei is an active college student. I got a voice saying I was going to make a small amount of pocket money. I feel like a university student at the time. I was only 20 years old this year. It is a new adult who is coming to an adult ceremony from now on. Height is 164 cm and it is quite expensive for girls, model size with no complaints about three size. Breasts are also beautiful pink, girls blessed with everything. Even pocket money seems to have received 100,000 yen a month from my parents. Of course the rent also lives alone in Kichijoji with parents. Wow, I am living a wonderful life. It is really enviable. She seems to be working part-time at a weekly shop clerk while passing moderately to the university, and he seems to be fired quickly if it is usually a week one, but sales seems to rise considerably with her beauty and style, rather in week 2 I want you to work because it is good. And was it head hunting ... · · ·. She is in an environment blessed enough to think the world as her friend. It seems that she has a serious problem with what she is inconvenienced and how she has a very serious problem !! It seems to be "a boyfriend is cold lately"! Well this is a big deal. For her it is a crisis situation than the destruction of the world. She seems to have a serious idea to get out of this crisis drop situation! Such a thing seems that nobody thinks that "I will buy what my boyfriend wants." A great idea came up. To my honesty I also trembled at her genius judgment. It is a real genius like this. And as a result, it seems that as a result, it goes to AV and earns money and buys accessories that the boyfriend wanted. that? What are your pocket money from parents? You thought !! Pocket money disappears on the first day you got on clothes fee. Money given in bytes is lunchtime. I do not have any trouble as there are lots of men who will give me dinner. In other words, although it is not particularly troubling, it seems that they do not have any other money, so it seems that they decided to appear in AV which can earn quickly. · · · This girls licking the world is really erotic. Please let the actor get fucked by mecha mecha and watch a yogary mad figure disappearance of your daily anger.

今日の出演者は「麗 理央」さん。読み方は「レイリオ」さんです。不思議な名前ですが、そこは気にしないでください。麗さんはピチピチの現役大学 生。ちょっとしたお小遣い稼ぎのつもりで、声を掛けられて付いて来ちゃいました。今時の大学生って感じですね。歳は今年二十歳になったばっかり。これから 成人式を迎えるピチピチの新成人です。身長は164センチと女の子にしてはかなり高く、スリーサイズも文句のつけようのないモデル体型。おっぱいも綺麗な ピンク色で、何もかもに恵まれた女の子です。お小遣いだって親から月に10万円もらってるそうです。もちろん家賃も親持ちで吉祥寺で一人暮らし。いやぁ素 晴らしい人生を送っていますね。本当に羨ましい限りです。大学に適度に通いながら週1だけショップ店員のアルバイトをしているそうで、普通なら週1なんて すぐクビにされちゃうそうですが、彼女の美貌とスタイルで売上はかなり上がるらしく、むしろ週2でいいから働いて欲しい。とヘッドハンティングされたのだ とか・・・。世界が彼女の味方と思ってしまうほどに恵まれた環境にい彼女。何不自由なく人生を謳歌しているのかと思いきや、なんと彼女には大変深刻な悩み があるそうなのです!!それは・・・「最近彼氏が冷たい」だそうなんです!!いやーこれは一大事。彼女にとっては世界の破滅より危機的状況なのです。そん な大変深刻な悩みを抱えている彼女はこの危機滴状況を脱するべく、物凄いアイデアを思いついたそうなんです!!なんとそれは「彼氏の欲しいものを買ってあ げる」という誰も思いつかないような素晴らしいアイデアを思いついたのです。正直彼女の天才的判断には私も震えました。こうゆうのが本当の天才なんだな、 と。そしてその結果こうしてAVに出てお金を稼ぎ、彼氏の欲しがっていたアクセサリーを買ってあげるのだそうです。あれ?親から貰ってるお小遣いは?と 思ったあなた!!お小遣いは洋服代で貰った初日に消えてしまうのです。バイトで貰ったお金はお昼代。夜ご飯は奢ってくれる男が沢山いるので困らない。つま り特に困らないけど、それ以外のお金は持ってないそうで、それで素早く稼げるAVに出演を決めたそうです。・・・こうゆう世の中舐めてる女の子って本当に エロいですよね。男優さんにメチャメチャにハメられてヨガリ狂う姿を見て日頃の鬱憤を晴らしてください。